How many women, so many reasons, and each one is different. Having never experienced an orgasm, the young lady begins to withdraw into herself. She has psychological problems, against which she considers herself frigid. In fact, it is only the partner’s fault. In the course of a study of the female body, sexologists identified the most common reasons why ladies cannot get pleasure in bed.

Not enough time. The modern rhythm of life leaves a big imprint on sexual relations. A frantic work schedule, everyday fuss, care – all this leads to a lack of time. Many couples prefer quick sex. With such a rhythm, it is impossible to enjoy each other to the fullest.

Psychological barrier. Nerves, stress, hard work or a negative atmosphere at home do not allow a woman to fully relax. Closing her eyes, she sees only her own problems and looks for ways to solve them. Her thoughts can fly anywhere, but not in bed.

Lack of foreplay. When a woman is not aroused, it is difficult for her to have an orgasm. There are such ladies who do not need foreplay, they light up during the act, but then it takes longer to get the peak of pleasure.

Male selfishness. Not all representatives of the stronger sex want to spend time on foreplay. They just want to satisfy themselves faster, and the feelings of the partner are not interested. An unexcited woman will only think about how to end sexual intercourse faster.

Not knowing your body. Not all young ladies explore their bodies in search of erogenous points. Sometimes, having lived with her husband for many years, they never know the pleasure of orgasm. This is entirely the husband’s fault, since he did not bother to open the mysterious curtain of the female body.

Shyness. Many beauties cannot relax during intimacy due to excessive modesty. Either complexes serve this, or the partner does not inspire enough confidence to be liberated in his presence.

Whatever the reason, if a girl has never had an orgasm, this directly negatively affects the physiological and moral state of women. They constantly feel apathy, discontent, fatigue. Panic attacks, headaches begin, tearfulness increases.