When a girl has just recently started sex, at first she may not experience an orgasm at all. Over time, when sexual relations become regular, she already understands which posture and movements are more pleasant for her. Adjusting to her feelings, she gets that very release at the end of the act. If it is not possible to reach orgasm for a long time, you can try to explore your body on your own.

During intercourse, it is worth experimenting with poses. In the classical position, it is not always possible to achieve orgasm due to insufficient stimulation of the erogenous zones. Then you can try riding pose. Here, the woman herself controls the movements and depth of penetration. At this moment, the partner’s hands are free.

If he additionally stimulates the clitoris with his finger, the young lady will quickly reach the peak of pleasure. If, due to the lack of orgasm, complexes begin to appear, aphrodisiacs and special Kegel gymnastics can help. High-quality red wine in certain doses, dark chocolate, strawberries and grapes also helps a lot. All this contributes to the production of necessary hormones and blood flow to the erogenous zones. Long foreplay helps very well.

 Our article will shed light on the secrets of sex.

Sexologists have long been studying the problem of anorgasmia in women. If chronic diseases, fatigue, stress and depression are completely absent, psychotherapy can be limited. Sometimes doctors prescribe special medications to increase libido, such as hormones, vitamins, tranquilizers, and other stimulants. Along with these medications, doctors can recommend vibrating massage, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation.

If a woman is really worried about anorgasmia, do not hesitate to tell the doctor about it. A sexologist will suggest the correct technique for stimulating erogenous points, teach you to concentrate on your own feelings, or prescribe a program to awaken sensitivity. High-quality sex with orgasm is the key to good health and inner harmony.