It’s never too late to learn something useful. Of course, you can make mechanical movements with your hand on his penis and he will quickly reach orgasm. But after two times of such satisfaction, he will not agree to the third. Therefore, it is worth mastering a special technique, from which the husband will be delighted. Read more about how to properly arouse a man with your hands here.

Immediately you need to understand that although it seems like a simple occupation, it is still an art. And like any craftswoman, a woman can demonstrate her skills and bring true pleasure to her husband.

Women’s hands are naturally endowed with affection and tenderness. In the process, it is important to feel the partner on an intuitive level, to look at his reaction and facial expressions. Based on his facial expression, you can understand that he likes more and keep moving. The main thing is to get creative with this moment. So,

The first thing you need is lubricants: gels, creams, intimate oils. They will allow you to slide along the shaft of the penis without painful sensation, because the skin on the penis is the most sensitive. The lubricant will moisturize your hands, leaving them soft.

Pressure. Until the blood has clung to the small pelvis, it is not necessary to squeeze the penis strongly. When an erection has come, then you can completely squeeze the penis in your hand and begin to slowly move up and down. As the partner is excited, squeeze the shaft of the penis a little harder, and stimulate the bridle with your thumb.

There is no need to rush. In order for the husband to receive as much pleasure as possible, there is no need to try to finish the process faster. As soon as the excitement reaches its highest point, you need to weaken the movements or stop altogether for a few seconds. Then slowly restore the rhythm. The movements should be teasing for his orgasm to be brighter and more impressive.

Hand speed should be varied for variety. In this case, you need to monitor his reaction. Over time, their own tactics are developed to please the partner and the ability to feel him.

Use both hands. Every man wants to think that his penis is big. We need to help him maintain this opinion. Place one hand on the other and continue moving up and down. You can try the method of “wringing out wet clothes”, that is, creating an imitation of twisting and see how the faithful reacts to this. The main thing is to know when to stop so as not to hurt.

The testicles also play an important role in the intimate process. When they are stimulated, a large rush of blood occurs, which causes pleasure. In addition, massage of the scrotum prevents semen stagnation in the canals. For maximum pleasure, you need to place the testicles in your hand, massage a little and gently drop them. As soon as the man is at the peak of ejaculation, take the testicles in your hand and pull them down a little, then gently release them.

Focus on the glans penis. You can try to caress her in such movements as you usually unscrew the cap on the bottle. Again, without much effort, so as not to hurt your loved one. To understand whether the actions are correct, you need to listen to the man’s groans and pay attention to the signals that he gives.

Sometimes, with such a technique of gratification, women themselves are aroused and switch to sex. However, this is not always possible for medical reasons, for example, during menstruation, any surgery, pregnancy and after childbirth. But knowing how to make a man pleasant during sex, you can make a loved one moan with pleasure and then stay for a long time in the world of unearthly bliss.

With this method, a woman controls the onset of orgasm in the faithful. Play with retreat and build-up of sensation should be done in moderation. If he can no longer restrain himself, he must be given the opportunity to finish. If you delay the process, the man will start to get nervous, because of this, the blood flow in the small pelvis will decrease, the erection will subside, and he will not reach orgasm. As a result, the mood will be ruined, instead of pleasure, the partner will fall into apathy.

In fact, the hands are sexually important parts of the body. They can excite a man, calm him down, give maximum pleasure. But people often forget about it. Having mastered the basics of the technique and developed your tactics, in the future you can use your skill in foreplay before sex. Then a violent orgasm and vivid impressions are provided.